Veritas Foundation


Veritas Foundation is one of the oldest Polish organizations in Britain, established in 1947, to promote Christian education and culture in the Polish community settled here after the war, mainly through publishing books and also through support and care for Poles who studied in British colleges and universities in the post-war years.

For over 70 years of its existence our Catholic Publication Centre (KOW) has published hundreds of different books, covering a wide field, from religion to contemporary history and works of literature. Many of those could never have appeared in Poland under the communist regime and these publications (books and periodicals) were much appreciated by Polish readers in Britain, and, when they found their way there, in Poland too.

In recent years we have tried to strengthen ties and build new bridges between Poland and Britain (and the West in general) by our publication of books in Polish as well as in English, reflecting our mutual spiritual and cultural heritage, encouraging an ecumenical outlook and common European ties.

Wojciech Plazak
Chairman, Veritas Foundation

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